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The policy provides you with coverage for your goods whilst in or on or being loaded or unloaded for import and export transit whether on or off the said conveyance against loss or damage.

This insurance policy is underwritten by Zurich General Insurance Company Berhad. The product sold is Goods in Transit Insurance.

KT Express users within Malaysia

By Land & By Courier Service.

This coverage is against loss of or damage to the goods by theft or accidental means (except as provided in the exclusion) whilst in transit:
  • in or on or being loaded on or unloaded from any road vehicle.
  • or whilst temporarily housed in the ordinary course of transit whether on or off the said conveyance within the Territorial Limit.

Invoice Value

New and/or Second-hand Item/ Personal Effect
Actual cost price or Invoice Value if new or current cash price after adjustment for depreciation, wear and tear, condition and age as supported by a complete valued inventory listing.

Reprinting cost

To cover each sending On General Cargo (non-Hazardous) and/or non-fragile nature EXCEPT the following commodities:

EXCEPT for the following commodities:
  • Fine Arts Specie/ Antiques/ Work of Arts, All Valuable Items such as jewelry, precious metals, precious stones, currency, stamps, coins, and similar kinds.
  • Livestock and/or bloodstock
  • Breakable/ Fragile – Chinaware, Crystals, Earthenware & Glassware
  • Dangerous, explosive, or inflammable nature cargo

Within Malaysia

This policy does not cover:
  1. Excluding any quality issues/contamination, leakage, and/or loss in weights.
  2. Excluding loss and/or damage to subject matter insured resulting from any variation in temperature.
  3. Excluding mechanical, electrical, and electronic derangement unless caused by accident to the carrying conveyance.
  4. Excluding rusting, oxidation, and discoloration absolutely.
  5. Excluding denting, scratching, bending, chipping, and marring unless caused by accident to the carrying conveyance.
  6. Excluding any claim arising from custom detention or police or any government related body detention.
  7. Excluding any pre-existing loss/damages and/or any wear & tear prior to the commencement of the transit.
  8. Exclude Non-Delivery. The terms refer to circumstances where an entire package, which should have been delivered at destination, has not been delivered and there is no evidence to account for its disappearance

  • Items with insured value below RM1,000.00, Excess: RM100.00 on each loss.
  • Items with insured value from RM1,000.00 to RM5,000: Excess: RM150.00 on each loss.
  • Items with insured value from RM5,000.00 to RM10,000: Excess: RM450.00 on each loss
As for Attractive/ Target Goods – Computers, Mobile Phone,Smart Phone, iPad/ Tablet, Valuable watches and cameras, Valuable Perfume
  • Deductible: Minimum RM450 on each loss whichever is higher.

Online website or in-app purchase.

It takes immediate effect.

We will process your insurance and send a copy of the cover note to your registered email within 1 week after booking confirmation.

No. The additional insurance coverage applicable for KT Express

0.70% of invoice value

Up to maximum RM10,000 per consignment/each parcel.

No. You need to purchase insurance coverage during booking by selecting add-ons insurance coverage in the KT Express platform.

Yes. You need to give specific goods description such as brand, specification of the goods, color, etc.

The email will entail an insurance certificate.

No. You can't cancel your policy once the payment and the confirmation slip is given.

You can email or contact KT Express customer service for support.

Please email or contact Senang customer service to ensure all correspondence reaches you in a timely manner.

You would need to contact KT Express customer service.

You must notify us through email with full details of the incident/accident within 48 hours from information received or goods received. Early notification is required to avoid any prejudice to your claim. If theft and/or injury to a third party, make a police report immediately.

You must submit your claim with all supporting information and documents as requested to us.
Documents include:
You will be required to give full cooperation to the surveyors / adjusters appointed by us in assessing your claim.

1 claim per delivery.

Upon receiving your claims documents, you will receive a letter of offer or rejection if it does not fall under policy condition from the insurance company within 3 working weeks. Upon agreement, payment will be made within 2 working week.

Excess is the amount paid by you and this amount will be deducted from the final amount payable from the insurance company if the claim falls under the policy condition.

You may reach us at Live Chat or email to info@ktexpress.com.my

Documentation needed for claims is:
  • Photographs/Images of damage (before shipment/after received with and without box)
  • Commercial/Sales Invoice
  • Investigation report / Damage report
  • Consignment note
  • Delivery Order
  • Cover Note(voluntary insurance only)
  • Tracking Report
  • Claim Notification
  • Customer Notification to KT Express
  • Confirmation letter
  • Late Claim Notification
  • Lost Items (Applicable for loss parcel ONLY)
  • For loss item police report for theft/investigation report if the item cannot be located.